Our multi functional hooklift trailers have the ability to handle a hundred applications providing improved efficiency. These trailers are suitable for professional use by contractors and commercial enterprises. These multi functional trailers can efficiently handle wide array of applications providing improved efficiency.

Pronar Trailer T185

Universal trailer PRONAR T185, which can be used in agriculture, construction and waste management for the whole year! Perfect solution for the companies and communes that are looking for universal and durable equipment for various tasks related...

Pronar Trailer T285

Universal PRONAR T285 trailer, which can work for the whole year in agriculture, construction and waste management! The ideal solution for companies and municipalities that seek universal and durable equipment for various tasks associated with mainta...

Pronar Trailer T285/1

Universal PRONAR trailer T285/1, which can be used throughout whole year in agriculture, construction and waste management. The perfect solution for companies and municipalities, that are looking for universal and durable equipment for various t...

Pronar Trailer T286

Hook lift trailer Pronar T286 is a versatile product that can be applied to various works in agricultural, construction, municipal, forestry or horticulture. Purchasing this trailer is a great saving for a farmer which is gained from the single chass...

Pronar Trailer T386

Hook lift trailer PRONAR T386 can be used for many different tasks in areas of agriculture, construction, municipal or horticulture. It is a practical way to collect, transport and unload various types of containers between 5 to 7.5 m like box contai...

Pronar Container Ko 01

PRONAR container KO01 offers more than 15m3 of load volume and is designed for agricultural use. Construction of this container is additionally reinforced by steel C profiles. Functionality is increased by using of rear double-door with cen...

Pronar Container Ko 02

PRONAR container KO02 offers 7,4m3 of load volume and it is one of the four proposals. In combination with hook trailer this container is an excellent tool for work in construction, transport, agriculture and municipal services. Special rei...

Pronar Container Ko 04

PRONAR container KO04 offers more than 26m3 of load volume and it is the largest container in Pronar offer. Thanks to reinforcements it is very robust, capacious and is ideal for transporting grain, leafs and wood chips. Functionality is in...


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