Single Axle

UK Pronar provides single axle trailers, which weigh less, and hence they are much more economical to tow. These are extremely easy to manoeuvre when compared to a double axle trailer. With single axle trailer, it is easier to park at any spot you wi...

Double Axle

Double axle trailers are built with two axles being placed in close proximity to one another that help in dispersing the cargo’s weight load. These trailers are moreover stable at highway speeds. Having improved suspension, the double axle trailers...

Forage Wagons

Forage wagons are ideal for smaller operations while they require reduced labor. Pronar has the most integrated quality of forage wagons that are affordable in nature. They are perfectly suited for anybody and everybody who deals with the line of bus...

Tri Axle

Tandem Axle Trailers

Tandem axle trailers of Pronar UK are some of the best in the country due to their superior style of engineering and design. They have been created keeping the high quality in mind and they can easily travel across any destination....

Ejector Trailer

The ejector trailer offered by Pronar UK offers several benefits over a standard trailer. It offers safer unloading as it can empty trailer with sheer convenience no matter what the weather conditions are. Further, you do not need to worry of electro...

Biomass Trailers

Biomass trailers is a one-stop solution for the storage and transport of heaps of biomass. Pronar UK offers lightweight and sturdy trailers that perform the work efficiently. This trailer is manufactured to suit varying load requirements. ...

Slurry Tanks

The slurry tanks have been fabricated from heavy-duty steel ensuring no water traps. Pronar UK offers professional slurry tanks that are extremely easy to maintain. All the tanks have been created keeping the highest standards in mind.

Hooklift Trailers

Our multi functional hooklift trailers have the ability to handle a hundred applications providing improved efficiency. These trailers are suitable for professional use by contractors and commercial enterprises. These multi functional trailers can ef...

Cattle Trailers

UK Pronar comprises of corrosion resistant, lightweight and reliable cattle trailers that prove to be extremely long lasting. With our cattle trailers, you would not have any difficulty to carry cattle over short or long distances.


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