Hydraulic Side Arms

Pronar UK offers the best hydraulic machinery for municipal use, committed to reduce manual labor and increase work efficiency. These sturdy bodies are equipped to maintain roadside ditches, trimming branches and boughs, cleaning of drainage. The lig...


Pronar UK is the leading manufacturers of heavyweight, durable sweepers swooshing across roads to keep them spick and span. Pronar Road Sweepers help to maintain roads, city streets, large area yards, storage rooms and car parks. Unloading of dirt is...

Cutting Head

Pronar UK is committed to offer the best quality cutting head for the purpose of excavating soil. These are circular in cross section while are used in combination with other kinds of cutters, bits and picks. These are often selected based on the kin...

Ditch Digger

Our high quality ditch diggers are exactly the products you wanted for your ditch. UK Pronar comprises of the best quality ditch diggers that effectively digs and removes any ditch. These are the best that you will find in the business.

Water Tank


Pronar UK offers the most affordable snowblower that is ideally used for the removal of thick layers of ice, snow and slush. It is especially used for removing dense from any particular surface,regardless of the structure and thickness. Snowblowers a...


UK Pronar is the leading manufacturer of spreader that is ideal equipment for spreading aggregating materials on the surface. It also spreads other chemicals like calcium chloride, brine, sodium chloride and magnesium chloride. We provide the best qu...

Snow Plough

Snow Plough enables easy operation in the most extreme winter conditions. This versatile tool is useful for the removal of snow in urbanized areas. This plow is beneficial for easy operation during extreme winter conditions. UK Pronar offers reliable...

Flail Mowers

UK Pronar has curated the finest quality of flail mower that does wonders which normal lawn mower cannot. This agricultural/garden equipment deals efficiently with heavier scrub/grass. Entrust our products for doing your job the best.

Branch Cutter

Branch cutter has been innovatively designed to effectively cut out the branches during plantation care. The cutter is effectively mounted on the front of the tractor. UK Pronar enables easy branch cutting that can efficiently remove branches of any ...


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